22 Pipe Grand Tenor Pan Flute

Over 900 years of published music in this 22-pipe range

About the 22 Pipe Grand Tenor

My instruments are hand crafted from maple wood the old fashioned way with care and experience. They are very light to hold, with the tubes in a slight curve and each are perfectly and personally tuned (they can be retuned to any key with ease). Every note plays strong and clear... from top to bottom. You will immediately notice the fine craftsmanship.

Aloha - Brad White


All the pipes are smoothly and solidly connected to each other with no gaps.  

Each pipe has an adjustable rubber stopper for quick and easy tuning.  You can easily put your pan flute in another key if preferred.


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Our Grand Tenor has twenty-two pipes, three full octaves. Starting on middle C this pan-flute has the full range of an orchestral silver flute. Beautiful low notes, brilliant highs, the perfect pan-flute for the discerning musician.

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22 Pipe Grand Tenor Pan Flute

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