12 Pipe Pocket Pan Flute

12 Pipe Pocket Pan Flute with You Can Teach Yourself Pan Flute  book.

The 12 Pipe Pocket Pipe

This 12-Pipe Pocket Pipe is in the key of C.


Congratulations on your new 12-pipe pocket pipes pan flute! Treat it with love and it will give you joy for many years.

How your pan flute is tuned to match the book ... 

Your new pan flute has 12 tubes and its largest pipe is the note C. I have tuned your pan flute to the key of C (do-re-me starting on C) to match your included book and CD. 

Your beginning instruction book is written for a 12 pipe instrument in the key of C. If you feel in the future that you need to adjust the tuning of your instrument, you can do so by pushing up or down on the little rubber stoppers/plugs that you can see in each pipe. 

I would advise not retuning until you feel comfortable playing the instrument and have developed more technique and lip muscles.

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