10 Pipe Fun Pipe Pan Flute

1 Pipe Fun Pipe Pan Flute with flowers in the background.
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The 10 Pipe Fun Pipe

This 10-Pipe Fun Pipe is in the key of C.


Congratulations on your new Fun Pipe! Treat it with love and it will give you joy for many years. I have included a small lesson on DVD.

How your pan flute is tuned ... 

Your new 2 octave, 10 pipe pan flute is based on the 5-note pentatonic scale. Anything you play will sound good. Why is that? Because the 5 note scale is probably one of the oldest scales known to man. It has been used in cultures all around the world since time began. 

From American Indian, to Celtic and Chinese music, to the simple folk songs we sing as children... they are all based on that 5 note scale. It’s fun!!! Just close your eyes and play. 

Later, after you have played for a while, your panpipe can also be retuned to several easy keys and modes. I have included a how-to diagram in these instructions. 

Retuning is done by gently pushing up or down on the little stoppers found in each tube. If you mark a wooden dowel when you find the right tuning, you can return to that spot with ease. 

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