Panflute or Nai

Maybe the most ancient of wind instruments, the panflute consist of a number of tuned pipes of different sizes which are bound together and blown across the top. In Romania they are called Nai. In ancient Greece they were called Syrinx and attributed to the god Pan. The legend goes like this: One day the god of wild nature, Pan, was chasing the Nymph Syrinx. Spurning his advances and refusing to take a lover who looked as much like a goat as a man, she ran to the river. Trapped and unable to cross she asked the Nymphs of the river to change her form, and they answering her prayers, turned her into marsh reeds. Feeling heartbroken, Pan gathered the reeds and in doing so invented the musical instrument that he called syrinx, after her. Today we call them panflutes or panpipes.

Sound of the Panflute

Music performed by Brad White.
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